Getting the Most Out of Your Weed by Vaping

You may have heard it before and you are skeptical towards it. Smoking weed by lighting up a joint or pipe are still the most popular methods of consuming weed or marijuana for either medical or recreational purposes. However, there is a new trend on the rise: vaporizers for weed. If vaping is the option you’re looking for, this article could be of good help.


  1. Yes, You Can Vape Weed


It has been established that the first vaporizers were developed to consume cannabis. The first devices available in the market are desktop vaporizers. Eventually with new technological innovations, these vaporizers evolved into portable vaporizers.


However, if you are already using a pen vape, you can’t use your device for your dry herbs. Since with regular vaping you use vape juice that contains various chemicals and could be oily and sticky. If you want to try vaping weed, you would need to get a separate vape for it. There are a wide variety of dry herb atomizers and dry herb vape pens that are found in the market.


  1. It’s Safer than Traditional Smoking


First of all, cannabis smoke still contains carcinogenic chemicals although not as high as tobacco smoke. Therefore, cannabis smoke could be more toxic when burned. Unlike traditional smoking, vaping boils off the essential oils. Studies had established that essential oils and cannabinoids are more effective if it was heated to a temperature that boils it off than smoking it by combustion.


  1. Vape Smoke is Lighter


Some experts established that vaping tends to give off a lighter flavor and reduced odor compared to smoking. Because vaping does not involve combustion that’s why vapor has a tendency to diffuse more quickly, making the experience straightforward and quick. Traditional smoking on the other hand is infused with a lot of chemicals that are very harmful to the respiratory system


  1. Smoking Irritates Your Respiratory System More


Smoking can do more damage to your respiratory system. Research establishes that smoked cannabis are more irritating to the respiratory system. This is because inhaling combusted materials and substances are innately harmful. Prolonged smoking can trigger coughing and other respiratory disorders.


  1. You Get the Most Out of Your Herbs by Vaping


Studies indicate that when marijuana is being traditionally smoked, almost 30-50 percent of the cannabis is lost due to combustion. Meanwhile with vaping, very little of the product is lost or wasted because the herb is being heated inside an enclosed chamber. Therefore, you get the most value out of your herbs because they are not burned and they are only being gradually heated. Therefore, a small dosage can last a few more sessions before replacing it.


  1. A Few More Things You Need to Know


Using a weed vape has two basic mechanisms: conduction and convection. Conduction vaporizers need direct heat contact with the weed which then becomes vapor. With convection, it involves the transfer of heat through a medium of moving fluids to enable to vapor.


Vaporizers for weed are reported to produce a much more direct on users. This is because the user tends to inhale pure oil that initiates a straightforward hit on the person.


  1. There are different varieties to choose from


Vaping weed offers a lot of variety of devices to choose from. From desktop vaporizers to portable weed vapes, the list seems endless. There are different forms with different features so that you can customize your weed experience.


Vaping weed is safer and more economical. It may take time for you to determine the best weed vaporizer for you, but you might realize later on that a weed vape is an intelligent purchase. It saves you money, it gets more value for your weed and it lets you experiment with the kinds of other herbs that you can use it with.