The Mighty Vaporizer

the mighty vaporizer


First off the vaporizer is a very easy to use.

It is the first of it’s kind with a temperature setting that goes from hot to cold without having to flip a switch. The vaporizer has the coolest average battery life of any other portable dry herb vaporizer I have tried. Not only does the Vaporizer¬† use have the cool temp controls, but it also is also extremely easy to use through the on-bike temp control buttons. The only thing I would like to change about the Vapors are the buttons and the overall size of the unit.


The vaporizer has the coolest temperature control knobs as well.

I love the fact that the Vapors always tell me what the temperature is when I tap on them. They are tiny but give a lot of information. When you first get the Vapors, the temps are all over the place. But after a couple uses the temperature knobs start to work better.


One of the biggest features of the Vaporizer I had the opportunity to review was the Vapors heat-up time.

I had read some bad reviews and knew I could trust this feature. The vapor quality that the vaporizer delivers is second to none. You can feel the heat as soon as you take it out of the box. In fact, I found myself heating up my morning coffee before I got to the office!


The third feature that the vaporizer I purchased has that the vapor quality is second to none, and that is the Vapors conduction process.

That’s right, they have two different heating elements in the Convection heating chamber. The first one uses convection, and the other uses conductive heat-up time. These two heating elements, combined, produce the amazing vapor quality. If I had to single out one thing that the mighty vaporizer I am using makes better than all of the other ones, it would be the conduction process.


Another cool feature of the vaporizer I am using is the super easy cleaning.

The plastic body is easy to wash and looks great as well. Also, there is not any bubbling or smoking when using this. It is a real vapor vacuum as well.


The vapor quality I get with the Mighty Vaporizer is unbelievable, I love the fresh, crisp, and clean scent of the herb brings to my nostrils.

I feel more energized when I use it. The vapor quality even last for a longer period of time, and then the flavor slowly eases down. You can also use the super easy charging system which allows you to quickly put the power adapter on and off. The power adapter makes it super simple to use.


The vapor button lights up blue and flashes red when hot, just like a real fire. I love that it has a safety guard to prevent overheating the exterior plastic case. The Mighty Vaporizer is a phenomenal vaporator. They are reasonably priced for the size, build quality, and super easy vapor button. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a vaporizer with good quality, and durability.


The vaporizer looks great and the build quality and looks great too.



My only gripe is the tiny dry herb vaporizers in the kit, I find myself wishing I had purchased the bigger size of the vaporizer. It looks like they built the vaporizer to be really small and cute.


The vaporizer works great, the temp settings are great, and the temp dial is very easy to turn. The temperature setting controls the potency of the herbs and helps the user find the perfect temps for their individual needs. The vapor travel is by way of the velour heating unit mouthpiece. The mouthpiece makes for easy travel, and the temp control makes for the best dry herb vaporizers.


I love the plastic feet the Vaporizer uses for its base.

The feet make the vaporizer stable so it will not tip over easily. The vaporizer is great value for your money and extremely easy to use. One of the best things about the vaporizer is the temperature control and the beautiful clear display. When it comes down to it the Vaporizer is a great investment for anyone looking for a simple yet effective dry herb smoker.