Why Dry Herb Vaporizers is Better for You

There is a new growing trend amongst herb enthusiasts on what is the better way to enjoy herbs. That while smoking is still the best known traditional way, technology is now offering us options that are much safer and healthier. Today, we;ll look at the dry herb vaporizer.


  1. It Eliminates Harmful Toxins


Smoking herbs has a long history and legacy. However, it has been established that while smoking could be an enjoyable activity, it offers a lot of harm to the human body. Technically, smoking dry herbs require a heat temperature of 1000F which dries out your herbs. When placed under high heat, herbs tend to dry out and thus tends to lose its flavor. Also, inhaling burned substances is proven to be very harmful. If herbs are vaporized, carbon monoxide levels are reduced which means that using a dry herb vaporizer is proven to be much cleaner.


Vaping also produces less tar and carcinogens than vaping because it doesn’t have to burn anything.


  1. There’s Little Odor


Using a vape for your herbs produces less odor than smoking. This is because combustion transforms chemicals thus contributing to odor. Using weed vapes or vaporizers also does not let the smell stick to your clothes and other things.


  1. Easier to Make Herb Dosages


Electronic vaporizers has the ability to heat hers with a specific temperature range. This feature is very convenient especially to those who are using herbs for medicinal purposes. Channeling your dry herbs to lower heat gives you more control on how much substances you would like to release and inhale.


  1. Economical


Getting a dry herb vaporizer is a good investment. A lot of herbal vaporizers start at $20. It is a good purchase since it is low maintenance and you’re putting much of your herbs into good use without having to waste much of it by burning. Desktop vaporizers or volcano vaporizers for sale could go around $700. Looking at the annual cost of traditional smoking including materials like lighters, rolling papers and glass, you can save more money from a one time purchase of a dry herb vaporizer.


  1. Herbs Can Last Longer


Since you’re not longer burning your herbs, they no longer turn charred but only semi-brown. This means with vaping, you get more value from your herbs because a dose can last for a few more uses unlike when you used to burn them by smoking them with a pipe or a joint.


  1. More Features to Enhance Your Herb Experience


Vapes come in different types. With a different variety of vaporizers to choose from, you can customize your herb experience. With most vaporizers with a temperature feature, you can now start heating your herbs at low temperatures and gradually increase it, depending on the amount or level of hit you prefer.


Also, there are different kinds of devices to choose from. There are portable vaporizers and vape pens designed to your lifestyle. They vary from portability to your choice of getting the most from you herbs.


7.Microdosing for Medical Purposes


Microdosing is when you use low amounts of medical marijuana or other herbs to only experience the gradual effects of the herbs. This makes your body easier to adjust to the effects of the herb. And also, inhaling instead of smoking is easier on both your lungs and throat. This is because no other chemicals are added unlike by combustion or traditional smoking. With this you can also set the limit by assigning small dosages but still getting the most out of it.